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Ivan Stepanovych Mazepa (Ukrainian: Іван Степанович Мазепа) served as the Hetman of Zaporizhian Host in 1687–1708.
Was awarded a title of Prince of the Holy Roman Empire in 1707 for his efforts for the Holy League.
Mazepa was famous as a patron of the arts, and also played an important role in the Battle of Poltava (1709), where after learning that Tsar Peter I intended to relieve him as acting Hetman of Zaporizhian Host and to replace him with Alexander Menshikov, he deserted his army and sided with King Charles XII of Sweden.
The political consequences and interpretation of this desertion have resonated in the national histories both of Russia and of Ukraine.
The Russian Orthodox Church laid an anathema on Mazepa's name in 1708 and refuses to revoke it to this day.
It is cast in a high-quality solid resin.
1:10 scale bust

Ivan Mazepa

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