This boxed set contains 4 x 28mm highly detailed resin miniatures for wargaming one of the last Viking heroes in the 11th century.


The Battle of Stamford Bridge on 25th Sept 1066 saw Harald lead an army of Norwegian (Vikings) against Harald Godwinson's English Saxons. Only 3 weeks before the Battle of Hastings when a vast Norman army invaded England, the Battle of Stamford Bridge marked the end of the Viking era and Harald Hardrada's last attempt to take the throne of England for himself.


Suitable for Saga, Lion Rampant and other tabletop game systems. Typical opponents include other miniatures found in V&Vs Saxons, Normans, Vikings and Byzantine ranges.


Miniatures come unpainted and require assembly. Each miniature has approximately 5-6 parts and you will need to drill out the hands to attach spears and axes. 25mm resin bases are supplied.

Harald Hardrada King of Norway


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