Mezzer's Painting Service

Mezzer's painting service is an affordable way to get your figures painted ready for the tabletop




£10.00 Per Hour

All models will be constructed using the appropriate glue and materials. Drilling of hands and adding weapons are included.

As a guideline a set of 4x V&V 28mm figures or 6x Avanpost 28mm figures.




£5 - £10   28mm Infantry (Depending on uniform, camouflage, patterning etc...)

£6 - £15   28mm Cavalry (Depending on patterning, barding and tack etc...)

£10+   28mm Large Creature/Other (Please ask for a quote)

Larger scales 32mm, 40mm, 54mm, 75mm (Please ask for a quote)



£1.50 per 28mm figure

Larger bases will be quoted accordingly

All figures will be varnished for protection. 

You will receive regular updates and photos throughout the painting process.





In the casting process of resin miniatures a silicone spray is used to separate parts from molds. Therefore, the surface of the products may be oily. 

Wash the figure and accessories in warm soapy water. Be careful as resin can be fragile! An old toothbrush is good for gentle scrubbing.

All holes for attaching swords and shields etc.. should be drilled out a little for a better fit.

Use a gel superglue (Cyanoacrylate) for construction of the figure. 

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