Mezzer's Painting Service


Mezzer's painting service is an affordable way to get your figures painted ready for the tabletop




£10.00 Per Hour

All models will be constructed using the appropriate glue and materials. Drilling of hands and adding weapons are included.

As a guideline a set of 4x V&V 28mm figures or 6x Avanpost 28mm figures.




£6 - £10   28mm Infantry (Depending on uniform, camouflage, patterning etc...)

£10 - £15   28mm Cavalry (Depending on patterning, barding and tack etc...)

£10+   28mm Large Creature/Other (Please ask for a quote)

Larger scales 32mm, 40mm, 54mm, 75mm (Please ask for a quote)



£1.50 per 28mm figure

Larger bases will be quoted accordingly

All figures will be varnished for protection. 

You will receive regular updates and photos throughout the painting process.