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Mezzer's Painting Service

As well as running Mezzer's Minis online store, I also paint commissions.


I offer an affordable bespoke service suited to you. I will give regular updates and provide photos of the progress using my light box.

I paint to only one standard, which is my best!

I have enjoyed painting many different periods and styles in several different scales and I especially enjoy painting Dark Ages, Medieval and Napoleonics.



Construction (Additional Service - £10.00 Per Hour)
If required all models will be constructed using the appropriate glue and materials. This section is time consuming and customers would be advised to construct their own models if they wish to reduce on overall costs for their project. Otherwise construction costs will need to be added at a rate of £10.00 per hour. Generally speaking 1x unit of 24 plastic infantry will take roughly an hour to build as a guideline.

28mm Infantry  £4 - £6 (Depending on uniform, cammo, pattern etc...)

28mm Cavalry  £6 - £10 (Depending on pattern, barding etc...)

28mm Large Creature/Other  £10+ (Please ask for a quote)

Larger scales 32mm, 40mm, 54mm, 75mm (Please ask for a quote)

Basing can be provided at £1 per figure. Larger scales see above.

All figures will be varnished when finished using gloss then matte for extra protection.

If you would like something painted please send me a message on Facebook or email me: karlmerritt@msn.com 

Below are some examples of my painting work. 

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