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Mezzer's Painting Service

Mezzer's Minis painting commissions.


I offer an affordable painting service suited to you. I will give regular updates and provide photos of the progress.

I normally paint to one standard which is my best however if you would like figures painted and on the table fast then i can paint a basic tabletop standard for a lower price. Just ask, i don't bite! :)

I have enjoyed painting many different periods and styles in several different scales and I especially enjoy painting Dark Ages, Medieval and Napoleonics.



Construction (Additional Service - £10.00 Per Hour approx)
All models will be constructed using the appropriate glue and materials.

As a guideline in 1 hour I can build 6x V&V 28mm figures OR 20x Warlord Games Romans OR 8x Avanpost 28mm figures.


28mm Infantry  £4 - £9 (Depending on uniform, cammo, pattern etc...)

28mm Cavalry  £6 - £15 (Depending on pattern, barding etc...)

28mm Large Creature/Other  £10+ (Please ask for a quote)

Larger scales 32mm, 40mm, 54mm, 75mm (Please ask for a quote)

Basing can be provided at £1.50 per figure. Larger scales see above.

All figures will be varnished when finished for extra protection. I use Matte Varnish

You can pay upfront or on a 50/50 basis (50% at the start and 50% after finishing).

If you would like something painted please send me a message on Facebook or email me: mezzer@mezzersminis.co.uk

Below are some examples of my painting work. Please note all prices are a guideline and i will quote more accurately after receiving the figures. Any questions just ask! :)

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